#EYP30 - merchandise design competition

20150412 JP EYP Logo2015 wide 4C noBG

Dear fellow EYPer,

We are happy that you are so active in helping us making this anniversary year as memorable as possible. Therefore we decided to give the most important part of EYP a chance to contribute in the creation of our new official merchandise: YOU! In this poll you will be able to upload your design ideas for new EYP Merchandise! With this competition we invite everyone to join in and the best designs will then be produced for the anniversary celebrations in Brno and maybe be continued even after. We are looking for general EYP-branded designs with the option of also #EYP30-themed designs.

For some guidance on which requirements and guidelines you will need to fill, please refer to this document.

We invite you to share your designs with us until May 1st!
The winner of this competition will receive a reimbursement for your travel to Brno of 150 EUR if working alone and 200 for the whole team if produced in a team!