European Youth Poll: Immigration and Asylum Policy in Europe

The revolutions in the Arab world have made immigration and asylum policy once more a much debated topic in Europe.

In this policy area, three different issues are usually debated: 1) People who seek asylum in Europe from a dangerous situation; 2) People from outside who want to live and work in Europe; 3) The free movement of people within Europe.

Have your say now on all of them!

Note: Many questions refer to the European Union (EU), as it is the political framework for many decisions on this issue. However, we think the European youth is more than just young people from the EU. Therefore, we are also especially interested in your opinion if you come from a country outside the EU.

Do you agree with the following statements?

When people seek asylum in one EU country, it should be the joint responsibility of all countries to take care of them. *

Background: At the moment, the country where asylum seekers enter the EU takes care of them. This means that some countries have to take care of more people than others.

Common EU rules should always be used to decide whether a person from outside can live and work in the EU. *

Background: At the moment, every country can decide this mostly according to its own rules, while there are some common rules like the Blue Card for highly skilled workers.

The EU should generally be open to people from outside who come to live and work there. *

Individuals who want to migrate to EU countries should be admitted only on the basis of the EU's economic needs. *

Please note: With this question, we refer to work-based migration, not asylum seekers.

Generally, having people from many different cultural backgrounds living in Europe is a good thing. *

Within the European Union, all people should be free to move and work where they want. *

Background: At the moment, some countries debate about reinstating border controls within the Schengen area, while others want to restrict their labour markets for people from other EU countries.

One day, there should be no border controls or restrictions on movement in all of Europe (not just the current EU). *

We would also like to hear your opinion on some general questions about European integration

Regarding the current overall state of European integration, I thinkā€¦ *

Generally, the EU should be enlarged through the accession of more countries *

Finally, please fill in some basic information about yourself

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Country *

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Do you have any further comments?

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